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Printable Weekly Meal Planner & Shopping List

Getting organised and planning your meals saves you a bunch of time and stress during the week and makes healthy cooking that much easier. Not to mention helps to cut down on costs and food waste.

This is the meal planner and shopping list that I use to plan my meals each week. Although simple, it has been thoughtfully planned to be both flexible and save you time.

The meal planner can be used to plan all meals for the day or just your dinners and has a handy prep section to get you thinking about what you can do in advance to save your future self some time during the week. 

The shopping list is divided into categories that represent the different sections of the supermarket. This will help you to more easily navigate the supermarket and ensure you aren't running back to isles to grab things you missed.

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How to Use the Weekly Meal Planner & Shopping List


Meal Planner: Use the meal planner to simply plan your dinners or add your own breakfast, lunch and dinner titles across the top to plan all meals for the day.

The notes section is where I like to write meal ideas before I get planning as well as to jot down what food I already have that needs to be used up so I can design some meals around that.

The prep section is where I like to do a little forward planning for the week. This can seem like it might be a bit of a drag in the beginning but a little time spent prepping when you get home from the supermarket can make a big difference during the week when you don't have as much time or energy. Future you will thank you!

Shopping List: Think of the categories on this shopping list like the different sections of the supermarket. This will help you to prepare for a more efficient shopping trip regardless of whether you like to do your grocery shopping in-store or online. The categories are also great to use as a mental checklist to think about what you might be running low on. 

While planning this thoroughly might feel a bit rigid to start with, as you become familiar with it, it will begin to become a more effortless thought process. One that you might not even need to write down. 

The power is in the planning!