Holistic Nutrition Reset


A 10-week health coaching program helping busy foodies create balanced eating habits with simple nutrition, mindset & deliciously quick home cooking

What if… you could maintain balance in your diet and lifestyle.

What if… you felt confident in your food choices and knew how to eat to optimize your health and feel your best.

What if… you could ditch the rules and “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” around food and find what works for you and your body.

What if… you knew how to save time in the kitchen and worked smarter, not harder, to get healthy meals on the table.

What if… you had the skills and confidence to master cooking in a way that satisfies your taste buds and boosts your health while giving you more variety.

What if… healthy eating and cooking became second nature and you had more time and headspace to focus on other things in your life.

… without going on a diet, cutting out your favourite foods, spending hours in the kitchen, or getting tripped up on difficult cooking techniques.

Here’s the problem…

Here’s how most busy women go about trying to start a healthy lifestyle:

They think they don’t have the time or motivation to get started…

They are confused by all of the nutrition information out there and don’t know what they should be eating or where they should start…

They like cooking when they have the time but struggle to fit it into their busy lifestyle so it ends up becoming a hassle and another stress in their life...

They have their core recipes they know how to cook well but lack variety and inspiration…

They don’t have the know-how and confidence to get creative and have more fun in the kitchen...

They know they need to create some new healthy habits, and often try, but they just don’t seem to stick, feel right or suit their lifestyle...

Eventually, these women get stuck or give up. I don’t blame them! Feeling like you have good intentions but don't get to where you want to be sucks. You’re longing to experience the benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle so you can feel like the best version of yourself, yet you just don’t know the right steps to get there…. But it DOES NOT have to be this way!

Hi! I'm Chelsea Shine, and I founded the Holistic Nutrition Reset. I know how it feels to want to live a balanced healthy lifestyle and reap the benefits, while feeling like you don’t have the knowledge or time to get there.

A few years ago I found myself busier than ever. I had started my own catering business, working long hours doing everything myself, newly moved in with my partner and was finding it hard to fit in much of a social life. Despite being what I considered a “health conscious” person, my health just slipped off my radar. I was stressed, putting on weight, struggling to get out of bed and my skin was a mess. I wasn’t making time to nourish my body and my confidence and performance at work was suffering.

Feeling in the worst shape and health I had ever been in, both physically and mentally, I started to realise the importance of good health and vitality in a whole new light. Health is the basic foundation in life that allows us to do and be everything that we desire. I realised I needed to take action so that I could get more out of life and needed to find something that I was actually able to maintain over the long term, over the course of my life, not just a quick fix. What I wanted most of all was to balance my diet and lifestyle, and make my health a priority without being a total “health freak” and sacrificing my love of food and wine.

So I set off on a mission to learn everything I could about health and nutrition in an effort to get myself feeling good again… In my mission to master my own health, I was able to create healthy habits over time to nourish my body and mind, and feel happy and confident in my own skin - all without doing anything extreme or expensive. After experiencing the feeling of vibrant health myself and learning the steps to get there, I felt it would be a disservice not to help others get to the same place of living a deliciously healthy lifestyle.

So, I put together a program to teach my signature methodology that has allowed me to feel better than I ever have before — all through nutrition, creating a positive relationship with food, healthy home cooking and taking a holistic look at my lifestyle. That’s how my program "Holistic Nutrition Reset" was born!

Who this program is for...

Women who want to prioritise their health and find balance in their diet and lifestyle but don’t where to start or the steps to get there.

Women who want to take the stress out of healthy eating and ditch fad diets, while learning to listen to their bodies and create a positive mindset around food.

Women who want to enhance their cooking skills and work smarter, not harder, to easily throw together nutritious meals and have more variety.

Why this program is different...


I give you education, personal support & accountability to keep you progressing every week.

I’ve created vibrant health for myself, without becoming a total "health freak" or giving up my love of food and wine.

I help you put nutrition information into practise by teaching you how to execute it with quick and delicious home cooking.

I put a focus on mindset and your relationship with food, as your mental wellness around food is just as important as your physical health.

As well as a Holistic Health Coach, I’m a Private Chef and have run my own catering business so I teach you to get more efficient in the kitchen and I know how to make healthy food taste good.

I teach you how to look at the bigger picture and understand all of the factors that can affect your health and show you how to make small changes over time and build sustainable habits.

I am passionate about helping you eat and cook healthier, and I am committed to helping you create a deliciously healthy & sustainable lifestyle.

How it works...

Step 1: Creating a Vision of your Future Health & Lifestyle

Take stock of where you are and gain clarity on what “healthy” means to you. Create a detailed vision for what you want your future health and lifestyle to look like, so you know exactly where it is you want to go and can start to take the necessary steps to get there.

Step 2: Building a Positive Relationship with Food

Let’s ditch diet mentality, rules and restrictions around food. We’ll dive into the way these can sabotage your healthy eating and learn what you can do instead to build a healthy relationship with food and find a sustainable way of eating that suits you and your lifestyle. Take the overthinking and stress out of what you "should" and "shouldn’t" eat by starting to embrace an intuitive approach to nourishing your body. Become a detective of your own health by learning how to listen to your body and decode the messages it is giving you.

Step 3: Navigating Nutrition

Learn how to optimize your nutrition, nourish your body and find what works for you with an intuitive approach to eating. Understand the foundations of nutrition, the importance of real food and how to make balanced meals. Feel confident reading food labels so you can select the best products and ditch artificial and unsafe ingredients.

Step 4: Mastering Healthy Cooking

Become organised in the kitchen by making your meal planning, preparation and cooking process more efficient with systems that save you time and the frustration of not knowing what to cook. Learn to cook in a way that satisfies your taste buds and boosts your health. Become a more intuitive cook and learn natural ways to maximise flavour and get more variety in your meals.

Step 5: Taking a Holistic Approach to Health

Take a holistic look at your life and health, and learn how to create healthy habits that will set you up for long term success. Understand that health is more than just what you eat or how you look. Dive into the other facets that create physical and mental wellness and have the tools to create a balanced lifestyle.

My story...

Through my training as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, my own extensive research, and listening, reading and watching all things health and wellness, I have been able to master my own health and find my version of healthy. I am now on a mission to help others to do the same. I strongly believe in the connection between understanding the foundations of nutrition, having a healthy mindset around food and being able to execute it with healthy (and delicious!) home cooking. My experience as a Private Chef has set me up to help you work smarter not harder in the kitchen and teach you to cook in a way that satisfies your taste buds and boosts your health.

Working as a Private Chef I have to say the kitchen is my zone of genius. I’ve picked up a lot of tips and tricks over the years, and have learnt to become very efficient in the kitchen. As a yacht chef I’ve had to stockpile for up to two weeks at sea at a time and prioritize the order I used my fresh produce. I’ve catered for 40-100 people many times single handedly and know how to plan, prep and organise like a boss. I’ve catered to every dietary requirement imaginable with ease (in fact I love the challenge!). Now, I’ve got my own home kitchen so down pat that food shopping and cooking is so quick and effortless but still gourmet baby!

I’ve come to understand that a holistic approach is needed to achieve true wellness and I have created healthy habits for myself that are both realistic and sustainable. I know if my situation changes or I fall off track, I have all the tools I need to get myself back there.

I believe a healthy and balanced life looks different for each of us and as a Holistic Health Coach I’m dedicated to helping others find their version of healthy.

What clients are saying about Holistic Nutrition Reset...

“This program ended up being SO much more than I expected and I honestly think that everyone could benefit from it no matter where you are at on your journey towards living a healthier life. I can see how it’s completely changed my relationship with food and all of the benefits that come with a big perspective shift like that!”

— Allie, Holistic Nutrition Reset Beta Round

“This program helped me in both my mental health and body health. I never knew how closely linked they were. Chelsea brought me gently out of my shell and taught me the tools I need solve my own problems. She was my coach and my friend when times got tough, never showing judgement on slipping on my intentions, just helping me work out why and how I could get back on track. On top of this I learnt some kick-ass tips on how to become a more intuitive cook and enjoy my now more efficient time in the kitchen.”

— Kate, Holistic Nutrition Reset Beta Round

“A much needed reset for finding a healthier relationship with food and mind. The content is super easy to digest/understand and the practical side of things doesn't cost any extra or isn't difficult to do so I think it would be difficult for someone to walk away from it without taking away some sort of change. The support is great, empathetic, free from judgement and full of practical advice.”

— Claire, Holistic Nutrition Reset Beta Round

"Thank you to Chelsea and her wonderful programme! Prior to starting this programme, my focus was on weight loss and nothing else. What a difference 10 weeks makes, understanding my ‘why’, having a focus on what nourishes my body and mind and getting some balance back. This programme has allowed me to get my health back on track, no more binge eating ‘just because’, not more gut issues!"

— Linda, Holistic Nutrition Reset Round 3

What's included...

You will receive:

+  Initial 45 minute 1:1 strategy session

+  Weekly 1:1 coaching calls

+  10 weeks of detailed curriculum and resources

+  Weekly modules, homework and cooking tasks to implement

+  Access to me to answer all of your questions

+  Unlimited messaging support

+  Recipe cards and more!

Ready to finally reach your health and cooking potential?


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