“Thank you to Chelsea and her wonderful programme! Prior to starting this programme, my focus was on weight loss and nothing else. What a difference 10 weeks makes, understanding my ‘why’, having a focus on what nourishes my body and mind and getting some balance back.

I struggled with understanding flavours, reading labels and what else impacted on my eating.  This programme has allowed me to get my health back on track, no more binge eating ‘just because’, not more gut issues!

I read about Chelsea’s Holistic Nutrition Reset Program through her Instagram page and was curious, was it the right thing for me... and after making contact and chatting with Chelsea I felt it was achievable and something important I could do for myself.  

My biggest wins have been playing around with flavours and just having a go, learning to love me for me and having a better mindset around mindfulness and knowing and understanding myself better... it’s ok to have a treat, life is to be lived and enjoyed. 

If you are struggling to reset, understand or just get some balance back, talk to Chelsea, follow her programme and you won’t regret it.  She is encouraging, supportive, insightful and holds you accountable when you need it.”

 - Linda, Holistic Nutrition Reset Round 3


“Before finding the Holistic Nutrition Reset Program I was stuck in a weekly cycle of dieting which consisted of restrictions and rules and then guilt for failing, before starting all again every Monday. This was taking a serious toll on my physical health and mental wellbeing and I knew I couldn't keep going like that.

This program couldn't have come up on Instagram at a more perfect time. It felt strange initially to start a health program without being told exactly what to eat and when but this is what was so great. The program gave me the chance to discover what my health means to me and what it looks like in terms of what foods I want to nourish my body with and what exercise works best for me. It prompted me to consider so many other aspects of my life that I always knew contributed to my health but never looked at them all holistically which makes so much more sense. 

I now enjoy so much freedom from diet rules and restrictions which has been so liberating. The modules were really easy to understand and were full of useful tips to achieve all the above. If anyone is in a similar rut to this, I would say this is exactly what you need and unlike so many other programs it is sustainable (and enjoyable!), there is no greater investment than your own health and wellbeing.”

- Claire, Holistic Nutrition Reset Beta Round

“Before starting the Holistic Nutrition Reset Program I found it hard and confusing to read nutrition labels or to stick to any kind of diet. With so much contradicting information about what’s healthy and what’s not I felt like it was too tough of a topic to tackle on my own. I’ve never really taken the time to explore my relationship with food (other than I just cooked/ate what tasted good) and it was rather shocking to see how much my mindset played a role in my eating habits. Once Chelsea taught me about diet vs. non-diet mentality a major “ah ha” moment happened and it completely changed the way I viewed food.

Chelsea does an AMAZING job at taking the time to help you find out not only your eating habits, but also your mindset, lifestyle and health in order to devise an achievable action plan. She even shares ways to make meal planning, prepping, and grocery shopping super easy and organized. I’ve noticed that I enjoy going to the grocery store a lot more now…and that’s a big deal for me! The program is not only designed to help you establish healthy eating habits and become a more intuitive cook, but also to help you get healthy from within. As a psychologist I understand the different effects that stress has on the body but Chelsea goes the extra mile to explain how stress plays a huge role on your health and provides you with a stress management plan. Chelsea explains tough topics so that they make sense and encourages you in a way that is both motivating and exciting. Her passion for food and wellness is contagious and completely “shines” through her work.

This program ended up being SO much more than I expected and I honestly think that everyone could benefit from it no matter where you are at on your journey towards living a healthier life. I can see how it’s completely changed my relationship with food and all of the benefits that come with a big perspective shift like that!”

- Allie, Holistic Nutrition Reset Beta Round

“Before I found the program I was actually in quite a dark place and I didn’t realise how bad it was. I originally came across the program just to make myself more efficient in the kitchen. I thought I could learn some tips and tricks from a chef which would cut my cooking time in half. Little did I know, it was actually so much more than that which I am eternally grateful for. 

As we were going through the program we worked on different tools on how to realise when things were out of whack and what you could do to put them back on track. Chelsea was so much more than what I thought the program was meant to be. She became a friend, someone I could trust and speak to. She was never judgemental if I accidentally forgot to do something or I didn’t meet my weekly intentions. She just acknowledged it, then said right what are we going to do to get back on track, how do we keep moving, it’s okay. It was really refreshing that sometimes you can make mistakes but she encouraged me and said that I was progressing as a whole which was good to see. 

I learnt so much in the program. Right now I can meal prep in about five minutes whereas before it would take me hours. I meal plan, bulk make food for the week and I can understand what’s coming up which does cut my time in the kitchen in half. More than that, I enjoy cooking now because I treat it as something I actually want to do, rather than just a chore or something that I need to do quickly. I look forward to cooking. 

If you are thinking about doing this and you have some parts of your life that are a little bit out of whack at the moment, then this is the program for you. Chelsea gives you the building blocks for a healthier, more balanced life. I have those now and I’m passing them on to my partner constantly, and will have them to pass onto my kids when I have them in the future. Thanks Chels!”

- Kate, Holistic Nutrition Reset Beta Round

“Chelsea and my story began shortly after I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis. I was having a difficult time adjusting to the new dietary restrictions. The list is extensive, which made grocery shopping, planning/making meals, and getting food out extremely difficult. I felt helpless, anxious, and was extremely overwhelmed. I was not enjoying food anymore and always scared of eating the wrong thing that would cause a bladder flare up. That’s when I knew I needed help from a health coach. 

Since working with Chelsea, I feel less anxious about meal prepping and going to the grocery. I am able to read labels better while shopping and I feel more confident using spices and other alternatives for meals. Although there are some foods I can no longer have, Chelsea helped me explore other foods/ meals that I wouldn’t have experienced if it wasn’t for this dietary change. She has changed my health and my life in the biggest way. I cannot thank Chelsea enough for helping me get my life back and enjoyment of food again. 

Having a health coach saved me. I highly recommend anyone who is struggling with their diet or want to make better health choices, to sign up with Chelsea as your health coach. She diligently listens to you, is meticulous with her individual plan for you, and is an absolute delight to work with.”

- Jessica, 1:1 Coaching Client

“Chelsea has been absolutely awesome!! Before going to Chelsea, I thought I could do it all myself, make the right changes and stick to goals. I released however I had the same recurring issues over and over, and taking care of it “myself” meant I was just doing the same thing I knew, over and over, with the same results. 

Going to a professional was the best decision I made! Chelsea straight away helped me to see things clearly and in a new light. Each session I had with Chelsea made me feel more and more on top of things in life. I made healthy changes to my lifestyle, was able to stick to a realistic food goal and mentally overcame many small hurdles such as day to day stress and a positive mindset. I realised the importance of taking care of myself and with Chelsea’s help I was able to get to the bottom of hormone issues I had left unknown for years!

If you are unsure whether you need a health coach... I would say just try it! It’s sooo worth spending time and money on yourself! I strongly recommend going with Chelsea, she gave me tools and a mindset that help me in everyday life and I feel great about my lifestyle moving forwards :)”

 - Amber, 1:1 Coaching Client

“Before I started the Holistic Nutrition Reset Program I was overwhelmed with all the conflicting information we are fed throughout our lives around what it means to be ‘healthy'. 

This program really got me looking at the bigger picture by taking a holistic approach to my health. It brought me back to basics and reminded me that living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to be complicated and overwhelming and that it is really quite simple. 

I'm so happy I took the leap and I reached out to Chelsea for my first discovery call and would highly recommend anyone who is struggling to find the time for their health to do the same. Chelsea is super easy to talk to and really supports you throughout the program.”

- Paige, Holistic Nutrition Reset Round 2


“I highly recommend Chelsea for a health coach. We worked towards a balance in food and lifestyle and unpacked the reasons why I was currently not achieving this so I could take some real steps towards it. I saw great results and got good tips that I currently still follow. If you have any issues big or small and always think “I should get on top of this one day.” I recommend consulting a health coach as it feels great to finally get on top of it and Chelsea made this an enjoyable and interesting process.”

- 1:1 Coaching Client